Restaurant – Pesach

Glatt Kosher – No Kitnyot No Gebrokts

Gourmet Italian Cuisine

Our guests will have the unique pleasure to appreciate our strictly Glatt Kosher excellent Italian cuisine, equal to none.

The gourmet Glatt Kosher restaurant, with its refined Italian dishes, will make every single meal a veritable culinary experience, enriched by a wide range of selected wines with the most important Italian and Israeli labels.

Thanks to the extremely high quality of the food, we choose so meticulously, our menus succeed in even the most demanding guests.

Guests will enjoy a very special atmosphere, thanks to the expertise of our team, to the elegance that we know to offer combined with the familiar and warm ambiance that makes us so special.

We take care personally of all the catering, by bringing our Milanese staff. In this way you will always find the same high level in all our Hotels. Courses are always served at table by professional waiters

Kosher Certificate – תעודת כשרות