My wife and I attended the Orah Kosher Pesach program in Paestum, Italy. Overall, very enjoyable. It was modestly priced compared to many others, but was good value. Especially liked the printed menu every day for lunch and dinner (not only Yom Tov and Shabbat) with 2 choices of main course. The program was modestly sized (maybe 3-400 people), so no problems with big crowds. Nice mix of people, from USA, Israel and Italy, among others. It seemed that various levels of observance were all comfortable. Will certainly consider going to another of Eliahu’s programs in the future.

Robert – Pesach 2023 – USA


It was a great atmosphere. The hotel was very nice. The food was plenty and nice. All the workers were accommodating. The rooms were nice and comfortable

David Livi – Pesach 2023


We had a lovely time in Italy for Pesach with Orah Kosher Events. Fantastic programme with great activities including live music, hypnosis and mind reading shows, day trips, shiurs and amazing 4 course meals for lunches and dinners! Would recommend to anyone looking for Pesach next year!

Leanne – Pesach 2023


I was few times in Orah’s programs and the generosity warmth and elegance that we found it s unique !!! Great service Great taste Great time ever !!!

Chaya – December 2022


Impeccable service, very professional staff, varied and excellent cuisine for all three meals. By far the best of those experienced! Thank you

Valeria – December 2022